The Life We Want

I have been on a journey to heal and grow for a long time. I looked for relief and answers in many places; escaping through partying, providing service in a career I knew I would do from childhood, studying all kinds of emotional release therapy and mind trainings, relationships, travel, luxury, and still there was an emptiness and pain inside.

Even after finding a new career that I love, still there was a yearning to be free of the limitations of the past, free of struggle, and to feel fulfilled.

Then I found processes that combine cutting edge neuroscience with ancient knowledge from spiritual traditions. How perfect. Through accessing profound altered states of consciousness we quickly reach higher functioning levels. Executive function kicks in, leading to creative solutions and perceptive revelations. Actions to bring these new perspectives and awarenesses into our daily lives, precipitating transformation, arise from our deeper inner wisdom.

What an absolute gift!

Simple, profound and it works!

You can feel the power and beauty of this work in the description of my first session.

I was in extreme anxiety related to finances and my future. The fear was crippling my ability to think, eat, and generally function.

In one 50 minute session I was able to integrate and dissolve fear that has been with me since I was five years old. It is just not there anymore. The physical sensations of stomach churning, not being able to breathe properly and panic have disappeared.

The old neurotag of fear was being triggered by current events.‚Äč

I discovered that this aspect of me, fear, had positive intentions for me. A powerful benefit of this work is that we don't have to wait for hindsight to get the gifts our problems have for us. Fear was keeping me safe and free. It was wanting me to shine my light and step into my power, so I could help others on their journey.

And then I experienced, felt, a peaceful fulfilled nothingness, optimism, with no striving. This is my core!

Now I KNOW I am safe, I am free. I am shining my light and stepping into my power. I am helping others on their journey and there is no striving in this.

I felt so at ease, as if a whole lot of tightness had unravelled.

Subsequently I have found I am happier, kinder, more tolerant, peaceful and optimistic. I can think about finances without panic. I re-experience this core feeling any time I choose. This empowers me, creating space for solutions and creative ideas to appear.

This process can be used for any unwanted state to integrate/alleviate it. 

And this is just the beginning.

These processes enable evolutionary growth to proceed rapidly. We end struggle, release trauma, develop desired attributes, and amplify what is going well. We open to intuition to hear what our soul desires of us, design that life and take action.

Then we live the life we want, the life we deserve.

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Anne Stephany

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