Shit, I’m Aging!

Do You Feel Invisible?

One of the things that happens as you age is, at some point, you feel you have become invisible.

I had heard older women say this....and then one day realized I felt it too. I wasn’t receiving the familiar energetic feedback.

Thoughts and Feelings Are Expressed in the Physical.

This was disconcerting! It triggered insecurities and judgements. I hated it.

Some women accept. But I wasn't one of them. I tried, but fumed inside with suppressed, and often not suppressed, criticism and judgement.

In all cases, the unconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings will be expressed in the physical.

So I did become invisible because I closed down and dimmed my light. I dimmed it with criticism  and non-acceptance. 

This Freeing Approach Leads To Choice.

I deeply explored all the thoughts and feelings associated with both visible and invisible. Each word has a plethora of synonyms and related feelings.

At first, they seem diametrically opposed, then less so and finally some words fit both categories. The deeper one looks the less clear are the original positive and negative stances.

When both visible and invisible are experienced in awareness at the same time something amazing happens. They no longer appear as opposites.

They come together like two sides of a coin. They lose their opposition and with that any and all judgement. There is no charge on either word.

From this place choice is possible.

And Then?

When this deep awareness is embodied it is reflected into the outer world.

You shine out your essence, not the reflection of your judgements.

And then you realise you are not invisible at all. You are free.

You are free because you choose not to judge and criticise. You choose to identify with your ageless and timeless spirit and not the physical vehicle that houses it. This is what shines from you.

The gift here is conscious awareness.

You can choose to be invisible, or not, but now you know it is your choice.

If you choose, this also is the perfect place from which to begin an exploration of who you were before and who you are becoming. Aging has many facets. I'll explore this in a future blog.

How Can I Help You?

I know what that is like to have an active inner critic. So now I love to guide women to make peace with their inner critic.

I guide them to shine their light again.

Most of all I love to guide you to a place of choice, of freedom.

If you want to come to choice and be free of judgement then download the guide I have prepared, or even better, reach out for a chat.

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Anne Stephany

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