There is a saying attributed to Einstein; ‘You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it.’

​In this blog you can read how I was able to solve my money problem by changing the level of my thinking.

This allowed me to escape the perspective where financial fears, especially regarding the future, were crippling me.

The solution, a new perspective and far more resourceful state, including goals for my growth, was discovered.

​The Problem: Fear

​Stomach churning, shallow breathing, panicky fear!

Do you feel like this about your financial future? I did.

In my fifties, single, I had a choice to make.

Keep the small savings I had and maintain the status quo in terms of earning a livelihood and what I was able to offer .......or........ invest those savings in my growth and skills, and so serve at a higher level. And lose the safety net.

I invested.

And almost immediately went into panic! Stomach churning panic. Beating myself up panic.

​Fear, a totally un-resourceful state, is incredibly painful and does not allow for thinking, much less creative thinking or acting.

Fear reduces our intelligence, it actually makes us dumber! Fear disables, fear paralyses, fear magnifies and pictures the worst outcome. 

​The Solution: Change the Level of Thinking

​Using cutting edge non conventional tools that create a profound altered state of consciousness, I explored this fear. I moved to a different level of thinking in order to uncover fear’s goals and see it in a totally new light.

​The Goals of Financial Fear for Me...

​Each goal was a confirmation of attributes grown and developed through past challenges.

It was like having a short life review, with progressively higher level character traits being revealed and affirmed.

The first goal was self reliance

​Next came the goal to believe in myself.

​To be a powerful manifestor was fear’s next goal. 

​To teach others so they can do the same was the next goal. 

​The last goal was peace, deep inner peace.

Where now was financial fear?

The thought seemed irrelevant, nonsense. The crippling energy was no longer in my stomach, my heart was not beating fast, my head was not foggy. 

Financial fear revealed itself for what it is –a powerful trigger for growth and confirmation of attributes achieved.

That panicky feeling has NEVER come back.

Days later I laughed with delight when my critical voice started to rant and NOTHING happened in my body. 

Now the voice doesn't even bother!

How Can I Help?

Because I KNOW how powerful and freeing this work is, it is my absolute pleasure to guide you to the life changing perspectives and resourceful states available. 

We each have our individual path to growth so your goals will be different to mine and everyone else.​

Are you curious as to the goals your fears have for you and the attributes they have helped you to grow?​ Do you want to be free of fear's  limitations?

Please feel free to download the guide I have prepared for you or ......simply reach out to me.

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Anne Stephany

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