Lighting Up The World

Using Media To Create Movements.

I am blown away by the uplifting work that is happening all over the planet. Through podcasts, videos, and media people are creating movements, joining together to make a difference. It’s so exciting.

And I’ve recently been featured on two of these podcasts.

My Vision

I had a vision once of a web of light encircling the planet, like light bulbs coming on as people wake up. Wake up to who we really are, what we are capable of, why we are here, and that we CAN live a life of passion and contribution. It’s actually our birthright.

We have been taught such limitation, through society, education, and history but the times are changing. The old order is disintegrating and we have the opportunity to create something so much better.

It’s about breaking free of everything that is holding us back, whether that’s from our past, present, effects of trauma, and unconscious and limiting beliefs.

It’s about knowing that we CAN break free, and then stepping into a larger version of us. Dreaming, and then creating the life of our dreams. Making a difference. Leaving a legacy.

Two Podcasts

Women taking the Lead”, with Jodi Flynn, is a podcast dedicated to empowering women from humble beginnings to overcome self doubt so they can step up as leaders with confidence, integrity and humour.

By sharing my story, both moments when I played small and moments when I rose above, my aim is to inspire women to know that they can break free and shine too.

As women, we share many similar situations that have held us back, so sharing story is important. It may be all that is needed to inspire someone to know that they can break free.

Lauren Herrera’s podcast, "Love Is A Verb", is all about growing through the power of love. When did you first realize you needed to love yourself? How do you do that? When is that difficult for you? What inspires you? “Love Is A Verb” is a movement dedicated to raising planetary consciousness through shifting us into the awareness of love as action, and that it begins with loving ourselves.

Being able to contribute on these podcasts was humbling and inspiring and exciting all at once. I am grateful.

If my story inspires others to know that they can break free from what’s holding them back so they can shine, I am happy.

How I Can Help.....

Becoming aware that guidance, from those who have been in similar situations, is available to help them grow from their current situations is often enough to help women make the first moves on their journey to freedom.

My passion is to help women break free from what is holding them back.​

My mission is to add to the light bulbs of awakening people on the planet.

If you are called to move into a greater version of you, to become free from what is holding you back, then I would be honored to guide you.

​Download the guide I have prepared for you ........or.........even better, reach out and let's connect.

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Anne Stephany

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