Growing Trust

Once Upon A Time...

There was a time in my life when I experienced a dark night of the soul. I was in turmoil, lost, angry, blaming.

In desperation, I completely surrendered and decided to trust intuition. I decided to trust inner guidance since using my head had got me to this dark place.

Then life became magical, full of synchronicities, opportunities and adventure! For years I was in the flow.

And Then?

You would think that having that experience would be a lesson learned, that I would never let it go.

But I did.

Dramas and traumas can throw us into less than empowered states of being. Unless we are vigilant with our thought processes old habits return.

When trauma is experienced we may feel betrayed by the universe, or someone, and place blame outside us. We may feel that life is happening to us, beyond our control. We may feel like we are victims.

Why did I have this accident/illness/relationship breakdown/set back/financial loss/career dive?

Consistently practiced thoughts become wired into our brain's neurology as a result of the chemicals released and pathways formed. The vibration of these thoughts keep us stuck and we attract more low vibrational situations.

In my case I went from marriage breakdown to divorce to life threatening illness.

This was flow but not in the direction I wanted!

Growth Happens Outside Our Comfort Zone.​

Dramas and traumas provide an opportunity to grow, to develop emotionally.

If we don’t, we attract another opportunity to learn.

This is why some people move from one abusive relationship to another, repeating similar stories with different players.

This is why situations like incest, domestic violence, and alcoholism for example are often generational.​

Those who break free of these patterns do so by changing their thinking and beliefs, by shifting their vibration.


When we accept responsibility, and stop blaming, we can begin to heal and grow.

We can begin making a new story about our response to the trauma, one that empowers us. Creating new ways of responding takes awareness and constant practice until new neural pathways have been formed. As we strengthen them, through practice, they become the automatic way of responding.

When we learn to love and forgive others and ourselves, this sets us free.

Forgiveness frees us from being energetically connected to others and situations by releasing the energetic charge from our body/field. Forgiveness releases endorphins, we feel good. It raises our base level of happiness​, permanently. 

We grow compassion and empathy.

We gain wisdom through reflection. The gifts of our traumas and dramas are revealed to us. We are thankful because we see how far we have come, how much we have grown.

A larger vision for our future is available to us.

I Choose To Be In The Flow......Again!

This time I chose to amplify and trust my inner knowing, not because I was desperate, but because I knew how magical life becomes when it is guided from within!

And how serendipitous that while searching the world I found a process to accelerate such trusting! 

The process to do this takes me to a profound state of altered consciousness.

My head feels different, like a room cleared of clutter. It is a magical space of creation, waiting for my creation to appear. I am aware of spaciousness, within and around me. I can feel it. I can feel molecules dancing, not as space but as energy. The atmosphere is charged, with potential, with possibilities.

My heart is wide open. I am expanding energetically, outwards in all directions. I am peaceful, content and patient. I know I trust.

I know I am on the right path for me, certain I’m moving in the right direction. What I need to know is revealed to me. Everything I need to fulfill my destiny is here. It already exists.

Intuition guides me to step into that reality.

We are all energy, life force moving through our bodies, minds and personalities. There is no difference between any other and me.

There is no difference between my hero, who epitomizes faith in inner guidance, and me.

We all have the capability to trust our inner guidance, to listen to our intuition.​

We all can strengthen our ability to trust by practicing.

And when we do our life flows with ease and synchronicity, like magic.

How Can I Help You?

I love guiding women to be in their highest flow, to amplify their ability to trust and follow their inner wisdom. I love guiding them to their KNOWING.

It doesn't matter where you are now, your connection and trust can always be activated and amplified.

You can grow trust in your inner wisdom, so your life becomes magical, full of synchronicities and opportunities​!

If you are ready to GROW TRUST in your knowing,  I invite you to download the guide I have prepared for you.... or better yet, just reach out and let's connect.

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Anne Stephany

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