Exotic, Life Changing Retreats: Whalesong – Yoga and Swimming with Humpback Whales

Watch this video from our most recent retreat.  This was a fantastic swim as you'll see ...

What a unique, life changing experience to gift ourselves!

The happiness and friendliness of the Tongan people welcome us to this remote tropical island, where we have the opportunity to deeply reconnect with ourselves and nature.

Away from hectic modern life, we have time and space to unwind in paradise. Our bodies are nourished as we deepen our yoga practices. Practices that allow us to become comfortable in our bodies, as well as surprise us with what we are able to do. We become more connected to our essence, our centre.

We explore conscious breathing, resonating with the other conscious breathers on this journey, the whales. Our nervous systems relax and we find peace within.

Deep relaxation and massages nurture all aspects of our being.

Sound journeys open doors of perception, allowing us to receive insights and healing.

Individual sessions are available for those who would like to experience and know who they really are. This is profound work. Your perspective of everything changes, allowing you to see things in a completely new way.

We interact with humpback whales in their natural setting in caring, considerate ways. Our hearts open with awe and wonder as mother whales introduce us to their babies, who are just as curious about us as we are about them. Juvenile whales delight us with their enthusiastic behaviours and listening to whalesong is a magical treat.

We form close connections and friendships with fellow retreat participants.

Revitalised, awe-inspired, reconnected, we are ready to return with renewed appreciation for who we are, optimism for our ventures and gratitude for this beautiful world and our lives.

With much gratitude to our guide Mette Lubczyk for the wonderful photos.​

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Anne Stephany

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