What Energy Fields Mean To You

Energy, Frequency and Vibration

“If you want to understand the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency.”

This quote from Nikola Tesla has long intrigued me. 

We know that emotions have energy.

Think of being in the presence of someone who is angry as opposed to someone in love. These energy fields are real. You can feel them without a word being spoken.

Dimensions of Consciousness

Now imagine what has been created by thousands, tens of thousands, millions of minds thinking thoughts and feeling emotions of similar vibration.

Tom Kenyon calls these dimensions of consciousness.

There are dimensions of consciousness for highly coherent states like love and gratitude.

And there are lower, less desirable dimensions.

Take hatred for example. On mass it is inspired by religious intolerance, racism or sexism, to name a few causes, but the energy of hatred is the same. Similarly for depression and fear. I’ve chosen these examples because they are so prevalent in our world today.

Everything Is Connected.........Vibrationally

The problem for us is that when we succumb to these feelings through whatever is going on in our life, we move into that dimensional field because our energy is a vibrational match.

Now add to this the fact that we have emotional habits, tendencies that are deeply ingrained. Our tendency may be to become depressed for example or to get angry.

Then the unconscious thoughts and feelings buried in our subconscious as well as those of the collective field can influence us with thoughts and emotions not of our conscious choosing.

Energetic Charges In Our Field/Body

One reason for habitual response is energetic charges that remain in our body/field when we do not fully feel the energy of an experience, or when a decision is made based on some perceived failure.

Not Good Enough.....

For years I was sucked between feeling “good enough” (our intrinsic state) and “not good enough”, (a decision I made, possibly even at a pre-verbal stage).

An endless, uncomfortable, emotional pendulum was created, UNTIL “not good enough” was energetically released.

This was such freedom for me! Finally, a technique that worked!

Now I understand the concept of dimensions of consciousness I understand why I experienced such varied depths of emotional response while in my “not good enough”.

It wasn’t all coming from me.

“Not good enough” may cause different emotions that resonate with different dimensions. Some may respond with anger, some with depression, some with despair. There's a corresponding field for all.

According to Marissa Peers, celebrated hypnotherapist to the stars, “not good enough” (and variations on that theme) is the most prevalent limiting belief in the thousands of people she has worked with.

So I was not alone and nor are you if this is one of your limiting (un)conscious beliefs.

So Now?

Now I understand that these fields of energy exist independently of us, I have more compassion for how I felt when in them.

I understand why and how others can feel the depths of emotions they do.

I understand the importance of not adding energy to them.

It helps explain to me movements that previously were beyond my comprehension, like ethnic “cleansing”, sexism and religious wars.

Most importantly, I know how imperative it is to release the energetic blocks that cause us to be in these negative dimensional consciousnesses.

How Can I Help?

This is my passion now.

Helping others become FREE from deep, unconscious beliefs that hold them back and place them in dimensions of consciousness that add to their pain and the pain of others.

​This work not only frees the individual.

It lessens the energy of the collective field and the pain of those still in it.

If you are ready to take the first steps to becoming FREE, you can download the guide I have prepared for you ........or.........simply reach out to me.​

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Anne Stephany

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Hi Stephany recently I have been having these thghts about the circumstances of life being the different level of consciousness. Like being on different levels of a house .I am going thru a lot of changes at this stage as both me and my husband have retired and I feel as if we have now fallen to the basement level wheread we were right up on top.We have lost lot of our properties etc and lack money and harmony .How can I uplift to a hiher level.I try to be positive and am pulled down a lot by a very angry husband.And I stumbledto your page so please help.Thank you.

    Anne Stephany

    Hello Shamshad,
    First, please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you. I have been in the Amazon without internet.
    Next, your idea of the levels of consciousness being like the levels of a house is a useful metaphor. So, how to move up? I am happy to help with some practical suggestions. Would you like me to email you so we can connect?
    All the best


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