Embracing Aging

Embracing Aging

Ahhhh who wants to do that?

This used to be my attitude……and I’m not alone I’m sure.

There’s a multi-million dollar industry called anti-aging, encouraging us to use their products to turn back time. The overt message is about beauty yet the covert message is that we are not ok as we are. And when does this awareness start?

Since we actually start aging from the moment we are born, it’s time for a reframe on aging.

This blog is to encourage us to reframe our attitude to aging.

What if we look to find possibility and positivity here?

What if we approach aging more with the reverence that ancient and indigenous cultures do?

Where elders are seen as wisdom keepers, those who can see the bigger picture, who have developed wisdom and honed character traits because of their life lessons and reflection upon them.

Aging women are the largest demographic in the world. Imagine the effect we could have on our communities if we were living fully with passion? If we completely embodied who we are and shined that joy and wisdom out?

Imagine how we would influence younger women, so they could see their journey into aging as an adventure into freedom instead of a decline into medication and mediocrity.

HOW can we embrace this aging stage of life?

It’s all about attitude and changing the lens through which we look.

Criticising, and swinging between acceptance and rejection of the changes we are going through causes struggle, stress and discontent.

Acceptance allows freedom from struggle and a sense of peace.

Say YES To Life!

As Isabel Allende encourages, “say YES to life!

All of it. The joys and the heartaches, the pain and the sorrow, the loss and the gain. Be passionate. Be involved. Care.

Saying YES takes practice.

Fortunately, there are processes to release the energetic charges connected to struggle, stress and denial, and this makes saying yes easier.

The re-wiring of neural pathways is quicker and more effective.

When you have done such processes you have choice, rather than being compulsively sucked into resistance and negativity.

You can consciously choose to say yes, and there is no struggling with the opposite.

Saying yes without such processes takes more effort.

Daily practice. Sometimes, hourly practice. Be consistent and patient with yourself. And pretend when you have to. You are not only wiring new pathways in your brain, you are undoing centuries of cultural conditioning and expectation.

The more you master saying yes to life, the more the energy that used to be tied up with criticism, denial and unhappiness is free to be re-directed. Where will you use it? Do you have a project dear to your heart? A dream to achieve? Some vision much larger than you to attain?

Find Meaning!

Viktor Frankl, a Jewish neurologist and psychologist who survived the Holocaust, concluded that finding meaning in life, even in the most inhumane circumstances, was what determined who would survive the concentration camps and who would not. Finding meaning determined who would live.

So, though we are not faced with such dire conditions, the lesson can be taken.

Find meaning in your life!

Many become involved in humanitarian and ecological issues, finding greater direction and passion in ventures much larger than themselves.

Celebrate the freedom that is available to you as you grow older.

When we were young we knew only who we were, then we moved into adolescence and all of a sudden what others thought of us was more important than what we thought. And to varying degrees concern with the opinion of others stays with us for decades.

But in this later stage we become less concerned with the opinion of others and we care more that we are true to our self, that we are authentic and in integrity with our self. That is both freeing and empowering.

Identify With Your Ageless Spirit.

Our spirit is ageless, that’s why we may be 50 and feel 16.

Identify with the eternal spirit that you are, your essence, the Oneness of Who you are.

The more we identify with THAT as who we are, the more our outward appearance is like the clothes we wear.

Even when/if the body fails, that can become an opportunity to work more deeply with the mind and emotions.

Look at Ram Dass. After his major stroke, he lost independence. Yet he has deeper empathy and teachings to share because of it.

Genetics and You.

The accepted knowledge at the moment is that genetics account for one third of what happens to our health. The other two thirds is our responsibility.

Aging is inevitable, but how we age is up to us.

A Two-fold Approach To Aging.

First, do all that we can to maintain our wellness on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Then, the rest is not so much about what happens to us as to the meaning we assign it.

Celebrate that we have time, wisdom and freedom to do and be whatever calls to our hearts.

Let’s embrace aging with ease, grace and attitude!

How Can I Help?

It is my passion to guide women to find freedom, grace and attitude in their aging  journey.​

It doesn't matter what your age or health is, you CAN be happier and more at ease with all that is happening.​

Saying YES to life ​takes practice .....AND it is much EASIER and MORE EFFECTIVE when processes to remove the energetic charges attached to denial, resistance and negativity have been used.

If you are ready to rapidly create life changing mindsets around aging, then download the guide I have prepared........or better yet.......reach out to me for a chat.​