Have You Felt Despair?

Paralysing, suffocating, despair? Despair that makes you cry in desperation and fear?

Fear that life is passing by and have you done enough? Have you done what you came to do?

Despair that you would get to the end of your life and cry in anguish because you had not done what you came here to do?

I have. I had that feeling on and off for a long time. And the older I got the stronger it got.

But what if I told you there’s another way of looking at despair?

A completely new perspective where despair doesn’t even exist?

In this blog you will see how we usually consider such negative states as despair. Then you will see a completely new perspective. You’ll discover the goals of despair and how these goals activate evolutionary growth.

The Old Way​ of Considering 'Negative' States.

I considered despair a negative, completely unpleasant feeling that I didn’t want, or deserve. As most of us would, I attempted to avoid it. I buried myself in my career. I tried to mask its pain with alcohol and partying. I distracted myself with travel and adventures and relationships. I thought I had overcome it when I was particularly happy, when I began my second career or when I fell in love.

But it was only a matter of time until it reared its head again.​

Traditionally therapies would look at investigating where this came from, examine all the instances it had shown up in life, or perhaps it was the result of childhood trauma.

It is considered a character fault, weakness or undesired state to overcome.

​A New Perspective: The Goals and Purpose of Despair

​Using tools from neuroscience and ancient knowledge from spiritual traditions I discovered the goals and purpose of despair for me.

​Despair’s first goal was action.

Looking back on my life I could see how despair had catalysed massive life changes.

I left an abusive relationship.

I overcame addictions.

After almost 20 years, I left my first career. After another seventeen years I knew my second career was not enough.

​The next goal was freedom.

Each time I made one of those massive life changes, freedom from the pain and fear attached to the circumstance that needed to change resulted.

Then, even more important than freedom came the goal of service.

My work has always been service. Each time despair catalyzed me to a new career I was able to serve at a higher level. I am able to be of service because of what I have experienced and learned.

Now I am able to help others escape their current perspective and see things in a completely new way. From here clarity comes. From here action can be taken.

​The next goals were more spiritual.

I entered higher realms of vibration, that of expansion and feeling/knowing the essence of my being. This was huge. What empowering experiences!

From this vantage point, not only does despair not make sense, it doesn’t even exist.

What’s easy to see is that underlying despair is the impetus for growth, evolution and an empowering experience of who I really am.

You can see from this new perspective that despair is actually a gift: a gift that triggers growth and development of consciousness, a gift that contains goals to lead us on the pathway to our freedom, fulfilment and inner peace.

How Can I Help?​

​What’s your despair? Do you want to see it from a new perspective? What evolutionary goals does it have for you?

I love to guide women to discover what gifts and goals their despair has for them because I KNOW how powerful and transformational it was for me.

When something as debilitating as despair can be rediscovered as a massive special it is for me to be able to guide another to that discovery!​

​I would love to offer you that the guide I have prepared......or just reach out to me.

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Anne Stephany

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