Aging and Body Image

As we age we are confronted with changing body appearance and functioning efficiency. There are two aspects to consider when looking at body image and aging. First is the changes and second, how we respond to them.

This post will focus primarily on the second aspect, how we respond. It will show you an empowering way to respond and be.

Have You Noticed That Your Body Is Changing Yet Again?

We need optimal wellness and fitness to fully participate in life. As we age all aspects of our wellbeing need more attention.

So it's important to invest in yourself and find knowledgeable professionals who can help with your metabolism and balance hormones. Find those who can give dietary and exercise advice that are specific to you and your situation.

Do what you can to support your physical health, well-being and appearance. You will feel SO much better.

How Are You Responding To These Changes?

Like many women, I was not happy with the changes in my body and face. I buried those negative feelings and thoughts, and told myself they were insignificant and shallow. After all, I am not my appearance.

But, of course, they refused to stay buried because they aren't insignificant.

And so began a subterranean discontent interspersed with blatant self-criticism.

Loss of confidence resulted. Fears developed. Sometimes I was angry.

If only I had taken better care of myself when I was younger. I should have covered my face when I was sun baking.

There were numerous ways I beat up on myself. Sometimes I was sad. Then there were times I felt acceptance. Swinging between acceptance and rejection was unsettling and going nowhere.

Apart from the things we can do for ourselves, there are still changes that 'just are', and my problem was how I was dealing with them. Negative thoughts, words, and feelings stay in your field as energy.........plaguing your mind when you catch your reflection in a shop window.

They can and will be triggered anytime. Habitual response patterns develop.

Fortunately, this is not the only way to respond.

An Empowering Way To Respond To The Reality Of Change? 

When you can feel who you are right now....... who you think you are now in the present moment....... and at the same time feel who you were at twenty-one...... who you felt and thought you were then...... you get to feel your essence, who you truly are.

Both feelings....of who you are NOW and who you were THEN can come together in unity and as oneness ......and THAT is who you are. The ONENESS is you.

It’s beautiful to feel, and you are free from self-judgement and condemnation. You are free because you feel the beauty of the Being you are. When you feel that, all surface judgement disappears, it becomes trivial and laughable in contrast to the deep knowing of who you are at your very core. It’s like the clothes you put on and take off, signifying nothing. When you feel that, life is free and easeful. You are free and easeful.

I have lived a full life with many ups and downs. I have experimented with many personal development ideas. But NOTHING comes close to the ability to integrate the two opposing forces that keep you stuck in struggle and instead feel the limitless beauty of ONENESS.....experiencing yourself as you truly are.​

Yes, it took me many years to find this. And it is beautiful to share with you.​

And In The Future?

Once you have experienced the beauty of the Being you are, you are free if you so choose. You will not be unconsciously triggered because those negative energy masses have dissolved. You won't have to force yourself to ignore them , because they are no longer there!

You will know at your core how trivial, disempowering and untrue those feelings were. Most of all you are conscious now. You are conscious that you choose what to think. But habitual thinking will test you. It will give you many opportunities to choose. And if you choose a less than supportive thought, as per your old habit, notice rather than judge yourself.

Finally, it's YOU who gets to choose to accept or reject, and you will choose to stay in unity, in harmony. 

Over time this empowering thought pattern becomes habitual. This is freedom. This is the development of consciousness. This is your journey toward your evolution.

How Can I Help You?

I love working with women to guide and show them how to shift into this new way of being. It doesn't matter if you've never tried before, or given yourself​ permission to devote this time to yourself. It doesn't matter if you've tried many other things to find yourself and enjoy a thriving life. It's never too late to start. It's never too late to keep going.

Just take me for example? I am looking forward and enjoying life more than ever before, and if you'd like to join me then I invite you to download the guide I have prepared for you.....or better still, just reach out and let's connect.

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Anne Stephany

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I believe this will be a new and healthier beginning for me. Thank you ever so much.

    Anne Stephany

    Thank you Dianne.
    I am so glad you are inspired you to new beliefs, to know you can be healthier and happier.
    This can be such an amazing time of our lives.


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